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Using Personal Energy to create Impact and Presence as Leaders 


How often do you think about your personal energy and how you might use it to have greater impact and presence? 

Who you are as a leader is how you show up on a daily basis therefore being mindful of your thoughts, your feelings and the behaviour they subsequently drive, might be more apparent to others than you are aware of? 

Quantum physics suggests that we are an integral part of a vast invisible field of energy. Therefore, everything is influenced by everything else. Human beings vibrate unique electromagnetic waves which constantly send information to the people we meet. 

We are all connected from a quantum perspective so what we think and feel is who we are, what we say and believe is what we create. 

According to Barbara Hoberman Levine – 

“Your body believes every word that you say and acts accordingly”, 

Therefore as co-creators of the Universe, acting and interacting with it, if we want to show up with impact and presence we need to be very aware of our thoughts and how these might impact our behaviour and body language when we connect with others. 


The Science 


Neuroscience has discovered that the Heart has 50% the same neurons as the brain and it influences the way we interact with others. This heartbrain is in constant communication with the headbrain and it sends a lot more information to the headbrain than it receives about our feelings as well as about our health and wellness. That in turn relies on this critical information for processing emotions. It is also suggested that, together with the enteric brain (the gut), it is the seat of intuition and wisdom. We talk about the heart knows best, do what makes your heart sing and making a decision based on a gut feeling, etc. 

Neurocardiologists have recently discovered the heart has an electromagnetic field which can produce enough electricity/energy to reach 360 degrees around and at least 3 metres outside, of our bodies. Because our nervous systems are tuned to this magnetic field we unconsciously imprint onto the people we meet messages about what we are thinking and feeling and vice versa. We communicate all the time. 

When we say one thing and our field says something else we miscommunicate and this is a key source of stress between people The disconnection can create confusion and erode trust and integrity – the key qualities we look for in leaders! 

The heart has always been synonymous with love, kindness, compassion, caring and these high-quality emotions impact positively on us. They lift our spirits, give us hope and a sense of giving to others who are in greater need than us. As a result, our hearts beat rhythmically, however, the opposite is true when we experience stressful situations and negative emotions. They can create an erratic heartbeat which can shut down our ability to make choices, impair our judgement and can trigger the fight/flight response. 

Actors for instance are taught techniques to change the way they think when in character; positive thoughts are thought to increase their presence on the stage. It conveys a higher status to the audience and equally negative thoughts can shrink their presence and status. 

It is also thought that practising heart coherence (thinking positive emotions of love, compassion, abundance, gratitude) opens up higher brain functions. We get in the flow, get more focus, can access bigger picture thinking, have mental clarity and improved memory function. We get smarter, create more positive impact and be present when we require it most. 

A simple way to do this without saying a word is to focus on gratitude and ask yourself: 

  • Something I am grateful for right now is… 
  • Someone who helped me believe in myself was… 
  • Something I appreciate about myself is… 

So, when you are next in a situation where you want to have positive impact and presence; breathe deeply, think positive thoughts and practice gratitude – your field will do the rest for you.