Why I coach…

When people are at their best they can achieve great things, they can leave their past behind and move forward in a confident, energised and motivated way. As a result opportunities open up they never thought possible, creating flow and a positive lasting legacy touching everyone they meet.

After a career in strategic marketing and business consultancy, Annabel has been working with Executives for 20 years within the Corporate and SME sectors, to help them build more effective and productive relationships with their managers, peers and colleagues.

The ability to lead others, communicate well, manage performance and deal with difficult people/situations to create happy, motivated, engaged people are the key behaviours required of busy executives today. Her particular strengths are leadership, strategic thinking, communication, conflict handling, change and personal growth.

Typical coaching assignments:

  • Effectiveness as a Leader and Communicator
  • Increasing self-awareness to develop a more flexible leadership style and/or break habitual responses
  • Building resilience, self-confidence and managing stress.
  • Leading and embedding culture change
  • Transition to a new role/preparing for promotion
  • Leading a team to high performance

Sector experience includes financial services, legal, technology, retail, energy, consulting and the public sector.

Values and philosophy

  • We bring passion, energy and fun to our coaching. 
  • We are committed to working in partnership with you, we collaborate and co-design, helping you grow both personally and professionally. 
  • We create a safe space for you to think, be creative and find solutions that are right for you. 
  • Its your coaching so you drive the agenda and we only give advice if you request it. 
  • We are creative, positive and keen advocates of self-development. 
  • We share a high standard of professionalism and authentic lasting integrity.

Our accreditations: