Coaching Supervision Philosophy

At the core of my coaching supervision philosophy is the belief that we all have innate wisdom that guides us and enables us to enrich our lives and those of others with whom we work. I supervise individuals to embark on a journey of self discovery to help them become great coaches and to transform them for the benefit of their coachees, organisations and stakeholders. 

Coaching supervision accompanies you in your commitment to the ongoing quality of your coaching, enhancing who you are and how you coach. 

The Coaching Supervision space is an opportunity for us to reflect, grow, learn and add new perspectives to our work as coaches. We emerge with a deeper understanding of the relationships we create, bringing fresh eyes to blind spots and systemic issues, build our own “internal supervisor” and take care of our wellbeing and that of others, through insight, support and reflection.

 Coaches report benefits such as:

  • More confidence to take a challenging stance to enable greater impact and understanding 
  • Become more empathic to bring a deeper level of meaning to their work 
  • Ensure best practice to work in an ethical and non-judgemental way 
  • Staying “clean” as a coach by ensuring their work is not cluttered with their own story 
  • The ability to think out loud and gain fresh insight and perspective. 

1-2-1 and group supervision (maximum 6) sessions available.

Annabel has an integrative approach drawing upon many strands including the 7 Eye model, Full Spectrum model, Transactional Analysis, mindfulness, metaphor and transpersonal tools. 

She is a qualified and accredited supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy and has been practicing as a coaching supervisor since 2007 and is also a tutor for the ILM Coaching Supervision qualification.