Coaching Services

Insight, support and reflection.


We believe belief that the nature and strength of the relationships we establish has a profound impact on what is possible for individuals, teams and organisations. We are committed to working in partnership with clients to encourage, challenge and ultimately transform their professional and personal lives.

Typical coaching assignments:

  • Effectiveness as a Leader and Communicator
  • Increasing self-awareness to develop a more flexible leadership style and/or break habitual responses
  • Building resilience, self-confidence and managing stress
  • Leading and embedding culture change
  • Transition to a new role/preparing for promotion
  • Leading a team to high performance

Leadership coaching

Who you are is how you lead. It is a great privilege to lead others however it comes with its challenges as well as opportunities. Coaching can provide support to enable you to be the change you want to see, to be confident in your leadership style and achieve your leadership potential 

Communication is the heart of every organisation and being an effective communicator as a leader builds trust, provides clarity, enables change to happen and engages people. 

We partner with leaders through 1-2-1 coaching and leadership programmes to help them become strong communicators, define their purpose, lead with integrity, humility and transparency in order to build accountable teams and create great cultures where people are engaged, confident and happy. 

Drawing from the emerging research in Neuroscience and psychology to create awareness of how our thinking patterns can prevent peak performance and collaboration, we support leaders to have the courage to change their behaviour to achieve their potential and to inspire, motivate and empower their people to deliver great results. 

Executive coaching

We build strong and robust working relationships with our clients to support them to develop self awareness, grow, flex and build their strengths to achieve goals, increase effectiveness, relate better and become skilled communicators. 

Team coaching

is the cutting-edge performance-raising tool for team development and is the catalyst for improving those teams who are underperforming, to re-energise a long-established team and to enable high performing teams to cement stronger relationships and role model best practice. It is not for every team, collective commitment to improve is essential by everyone involved and without it the team remains just a group of people who work together. 

We also facilitate team away days, team discussions and deliver team training. 

Career coaching

is an important process to support you to improve your career progression, explore career options, on-board into new positions and create improved work-life balance. You gain clarity, confidence and the motivation to achieve your ultimate career goals and realise personal success and happiness. 

Coaching supervision

We provide reflection, support and insight to coaches to assist them in gaining a clearer view of their practice. It is a vital element of the wellbeing of all involved – coaches, coachees and organisations. Your work can be explored in a safe, non-judgemental and reflective space. Over time you will develop your “internal supervisor” enabling you to challenge your own thinking, the lens through which we view your work and bring the unconscious into the foreground. It enables you to respond more intelligently to what is in the room, to have transformational conversations and become aware of the systems within which we coach.